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How to create images and patterns for MIyuki, beads, mostacilla, here the answer.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Many have asked me about how to make the patterns of the delicate miyuki brand. and beads, Czech beads, how to make patterns for brick stitch, peyote, I mean beads, beads of multiple sizes and shapes.

First of all, the advantage of having these designs on the computer or the program to make them is that the shapes can be saved there to create many more, we will never forget the designs since sometimes it happens that we make a design and forget how we did it. It is stored forever!

First we will talk about beads, crystals and beads.

The tutorial designs for the beads are made with graphic design programs from Adobe Illustrator programs, In Skape, Corel draw, and any programs that can make drawings, from your computer and cell phone if you like to be a designer and you venture to learn With these programs you can create great designs, and even more adventurous, making animations for tutorials that you can publish on your social networks or start a good business if you accompany it with a good sales strategy in online stores and social networks.

Some programs are free like In skape, and the design programs with more tools have a monthly cost.

Now we will talk about the classic question that I see very often in the conversations of jewelry groups on social networks, how and where to make miyuki drawings.

If you cannot invest, you can search this link to download the free pattern of the technique you want to use.. You can print them and make yourself. It works great for simple designs.

The other way to find patterns already well known to everyone, already done, is on pinterest, you just have to search patrones de peyote. patterns of brick stitch o patrones de miyuki , Or you can search search engines like Google Search in the same way, by filling the search space with these keywords. Be careful! with copyright. It is very important to respect them.And if you want to make them yourself, there are web pages where you access the network where you can design them. and pay a modest amount for designs. stitchboard is one of them.

Finally, if you want to make them yourself and you have the resources to invest in a program, there are two programs that I really like, since they do the design taking into account the true accounts of the miyuki shapes that exist that you can use, the colors, the letters, in the patterns. The type of stitch such as peyote or brick type, or square for loom and much more.I will not make you wait any longer, the names of these two programs that I know are

BeadCreator Pro 6 y BeadCreator Pro 6 Plus for

Windows ** 66 / 5,000


Windows y Mac; $ 50;, iThe price is updated to the date of creation of this post.

Finally, it must be taken into account that to make a design on photography, and any design requires time to reduce colors and tones and facilitate the work. It's not like you just import the image and it's totally magical.

You choose which one to buy, for photographs the bead creator is better. It depends on your investment. If you are very fond or want to start a business. The advantages of the Bead Creator also protect you against plagiarism since a version can include copyright.

and for complicated photographs. We can work directly on the program if the image allows it or we can design a drawing on the face of the person or object, using the drawing programs that I already mentioned and others with the cost of the tablet apps or if you are good at drawing , you can scan it and then import the image to them to simplify the work.

In the links that I mention you can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the options that I present to you.

But this time, as the date of September 15th is coming up in Mexico, and for taking the time to read this gift post, I'm leaving you with this image of miyuki for free

You can use the free image and print it to make your creations, just download it with the right click and that's it

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I hope as always with all my heart that this helps and is one more option for a good business or a way of recreation that gives your life one more option to always improve.

In the links that I mention you can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the options that I present to you.

Finally, if you don't like any of the previous options, I can help you by designing an image, with the Bead Tool program. Sincerely

Blanca Margarita Ruiz.

Creator and promoter of content to learn jewelry.

Don't forget to post tutorials and creations in our group.

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