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How to create images and patterns for MIyuki, beads, mostacilla, Delica Beads Patter here the answer

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hello again, writing something that helps us learn some #jewelry technique. To continue the theme from last week, when I published the article on how to make a peyote pattern. I leave the link here.

I realized that some people confuse the patterns. even I myself make a mistake when I say #miyuky to the #delica, in reality the delica is a regular glass tube that is millimetrically measured and calibrated to create figures woven in different techniques. The most prestigious brand is the Japanese brand #Miyuki.

These tubes, when calibrated, can form figures to make a very artistic poster of a photograph. And what interests us most in the #jewelry theme is what figures for #bracelets. #earrings . #sayings etc

of several techniques at first can confuse us. and for that reason I wanted to explain to you later, starting with the most classic.

The #peyote technique.

This technique is ancient. from thousands of years ago, but why is it called #peyote? . Peyote is a plant, it's a strange name because they call it that, some people have actually told me that they barely hear that word in #jewelry. If it is a plant.

Well I'll explain something I read, The name has a very traditional meaning that was put by the Native Americans to adorn a religious festival called peyote. Native Americans made and still make extraordinary pieces with this technique.

At present it is widely used, it is very trendy and fashionable to make very regular flat and uniform rectangular figures and there are even, odd, round variations.

It is a very simple stitch that struggles the second row a bit at first but then it is very easy as it goes back and forth staggering horizontally. One yes, and one no. forming a panel of colors that gives us an image or shape based on the reading of a pattern. Odd variations mean that much more care is needed when starting a new row count.

Here we show what can be done with this technique. in this link they give you free patterns.

and here is a free video on how to do it.

Brick Stitch or Brick technique.

This technique is a variation of the previous one. It is a wonderful technique that allows you to make figures, for which it is well known and is now in trend. You can make pendants, dolls. little faces You can make a mini figure of your favorite pet. is being addictive. Here I show you the figure.

Here I show you a link to learn this technique.

Flat Square Technique and Loom Technique.

And finally comes the most difficult technique but it looks easier at first glance. The loom or flat square technique.

The square technique is a technique that borders the delicate always forming a square mesh similar to the loom but outside the loom, it is a very difficult technique to do but easier to follow the pattern, this is the figure.

It is the technique that is most confused with reference to the pattern in reference to the previous ones, where there are many applications on the cell phone to make patterns. wonderful, cooperative people who take the time to make a pattern and contribute, when someone requests it, but it would never work for the other techniques.

Here they show how it's done. On the same page you will find how the others are made.

This same square pattern can be used for the loom. or #loom. #Stitch Here's a youtube video on how to use it.

Different types of pattern to identify stitches and patterns.

We have already seen the most important and used. Which one do you like the most? Please comment when you finish reading. but before I show you this figure that will help you a lot.

so that we never again confuse techniques by adding a few more. On this website that is not in Spanish but you can put the translator, they explain more clearly.

Here in a design I made for you how the finish looks in these three techniques

Peyote Brick Puntada cuadrada

I hope it has served you very well. I invite you to follow my social networks. Join them to be aware of my publications. Youtube videos. Every week I publish a video and a learning post on the most used techniques to make jewelry and tips, or new ideas. I don't have an exact day but if you subscribe to my networks and or YouTube channel, you will surely know the notifications and we can learn much more.

Follow us here. Learn jewelry. Wire rope, have fun, learning little by little learn step by step


Blanca Margarita Ruiz

Creator and promoter of content to learn jewelry.

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