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Who writes this website?


   My name is White Margaret.  Ruiz .  all artistic expression  I am passionate in every way. I am always looking for new things to learn, and to do regarding my favorite topics,   Come in  they  is the kitchen, cosmetology and handmade jewelry. I've gone from one to another and I always come back,  without leaving the previous ones;  to jewelry, to find in it a way  to express more  my creative ideas.



        I always wanted to make a website. where can i translate  and share  the art of costume jewelry and handmade jewelry that of all my favorite topics that as I mentioned, is the one that I like to work the most and I am achieving this dream where  what I am learning and   creating.  I want to share it and make a medium  of life enjoying what I do.  What better job, than doing what you like!  

        I am starting this dream with this web page,  with social networks, which I indicate below to visit,  I will introduce  to precise very accessible  for all, instructions and in these pages  online stores  like etsy ebay  Y  I will make videos that contribute to the community in media such as  Youtube,  that little by little I will publish to share and create a community interested in the subject and seeking to learn more and more, promoting this beautiful and noble way of working.

        There are times that  I can't sleep when an idea occurs to me  either   thinking of a new design,  because each design is a new challenge a new emotion to create that we all know that many times the imagination takes us a long way   time to bring it to reality,  trying over and over again  that it comes out and we like it, until there is something left that makes us fall in love or satisfies us to be able to share it  in order to contribute to the community.



If you are interested in learning, sharing and contributing and you think you are a beginner, don't worry, I think that people who go far always think that they never finish learning.  That is my thought. The key is to discover the creative that we carry inside and dare and practice, practice.   

About my  I love my family, and professionally, I am passionate about graphic design, digital communication, I have traditional marketing studies  but I really like digital marketing, I like  study, practice on the subject, That is why I have designed this web page with what I have learned where I cover two of my already mentioned   great passions.  


What is this page about?

This page is starting to create  topics of interest about jewelry such as  free and paid patterns, tips, step by step, about the techniques that I am learning and sharing, and soon more ideas  inputs that help us create many more new things! Find out what I'll be posting, share, and stay to see what we can create!

Free jewelry tutorials

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