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wire wrapping filigree cross

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Tutorial Cruz de filigrana


Fine flat pliers, Fine size design pliers (You can use the one you have), Silicone pliers, copper wire cutter, 3 millimeter semi-hard wear-resistant silver-plated copper flat wire, Desings Wire number 24, measuring ruler and finally a crystal or gemstone (I used natural emerald)

Step 1:

Measure and cut 4 pieces of 6 cm from the flat silver wire.


Step 2:

Measure and cut 4 pieces of 9 cm from the same wire.


Step 3:

Using the small side of the tweezer, make a spiral on both ends of the 8 pieces (In total you will have 16 spirals).


Step 4:

Fold the pieces evenly. Later they will need to be adjusted to give the exact cross shape, but for now, perfection is not so important.


Step #5:

Adjust the pieces so they fit. Later we can make more precise adjustments.


Step #6 and #7:

(Use wire number 24).

Start knitting a full row on one side, using wire no. 24 mentioned in the previous photo, when finished, go down the sig. side, and then make another complete turn and then over the next side, and so on, until completing several turns on all the sides to join all the pieces, always adjusting and taking care not to break the wire until it forms a herringbone fabric. 4 sides.


Step #8:

Cut approximately 20 cm of the rest of the wire to insert the stone and continue weaving & twisting around the stone. Then, hide the wire where it won't be safe and cut & flatten it so it doesn't hurt (See photo step 8 for reference).


 Done, that's it  :

Ready to assemble, a beautiful necklace can be made and flat silver wire can be used to add value to the piece. In this case, I used a precious stone (an emerald). All materials can be obtained in specialized stores & online stores (internet).


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