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Tips to take care of your jewelry, and accessories by:

We all know that costume jewelry is part of our lives, and has been with us from the beginning, with rustic pieces, beads and later metals. It makes us feel beautiful and it's not for less. It always highlights the beauty of our skin. The light in our eyes and complements the clothes we wear, many times it is very expensive and others it is usually something simple to manufacture with materials that wear out with use. whatever the piece to take care of. I have found these methods that are not new but that always help us when preserving your pieces.

At the end I give you a printable card so you always have it or use it in your pieces if you make them.

Tip to protect your jewelry 1:

The first recomentation that I have found is immediately before buying or making a piece is that I put a protector on it, which is already very popular and is great for protecting the skin as well as allergies. It is not something new but here I will tell you all the tricks and where to buy this jewelry protector. You can wear all kinds of jewelry, especially as I mentioned if you are allergic. I show you the photo and we continue.

Tip to protect your jewelry two:

Another of the things that I use a lot for the same reason is a shiny spray, protecting the areas like precious stones. It is a little more difficult to handle and I recommend two passes and take great care that it is dry before turning the piece over since it can lose the shine

Tip to take care of your jewelry 3:

It is very important that you always clean your jewelry with special cloths for jewelry and jewelry after each use and as soon as you can. Never store your jewelry dirty as normal chemicals and exposure to the environment damage it.

Tip to protect your jewelry 4:

Store everything in a ziploc bag. It is very important that your pieces are well protected and always have a hermetic bag to close them and they are also stored in a closed box. The process of making a piece is often long and takes many hours, which makes the piece too expensive at times and it is an artistic process of creative and artisan hands that is well worth taking care of. In the case of fine pieces, even more so, since we all know that metals always react to the environment, including gold.

Or if you like in my favorite store that is There Express with international shipping. Of course it is for all those who know how to use this platform.

Tip to protect your jewelry 5:

Do not fall asleep with your jewelry, jewelry and accessories. At night we always move a lot and we tend to jerk or it can get stuck somewhere in the bed. Even lose. It is very important not to use them when sleeping,

Tip to protect your jewelry 5:

Be careful with perfumes, lotions, soaps and the shower. , Whatever the material of your jewelry, you have to take care of it, and it is very important that we always do not wear the jewelry until the end after a good bath in the shower, perfumes, creams and cleaning and makeup lotions. These chemicals are usually very harmful and stain the piece.

Tip to protect your jewelry 6:

Beware of doing sports with your bracelets/rings/earrings/etc. All physical activity activates sweat, the sun including swimming pools such as swimming, running, and doing any type of sport. It is very important to remove the pieces beforehand and follow the steps to clean them and store them in a safe place so that they are not exposed and you do not lose them, in addition.

You can keep it separately in a cosmetic bag separate from makeup, also when you travel. I recommend this:

As promised, I'm giving you this little card I made for you. I hope you like it and keep in mind that your jewelry pieces will always be with you for years. Above all it is important that the more wearable the material is or the more it reacts to chemicals. More importantly, its care without forgetting that the other pieces and metals with more value also need this care.

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