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Aretes Tricolor, Fiestas Patrias.

Aretes,  Mexico Lindo y Querido.#Tricolor , #Bisutería, #Fiestaspatrias , #Aretessoutache , #Blamruss, Aretes #Pasoapaso , #Handmade

Como hacer aretes 15 septiembre.
Como hacer aretes con plumas.

Free Jewelry Tutorials

Earrings, Beautiful and Dear Mexico. by Bkita Ruiz. #Maxyaretes, #Tricolor, #Jewelry, #Fiestaspatrias, #Earringssoutache, #Blamruss, Earrings #Pasoapaso, #Handmade




National colored feathers.

In the USA they are sold at Michael's stores, Hobby Lobby,


cheap acrylic half pearl,

Chain of those used to decorate nails,


A silver stud, or earring hook,


A sheet of paper, and a sheet of felt in a color that suits you,


Pair of scissors,


high strength glue,




You have to be careful. Put everything on a wax paper. to protect the surface.


Step 1: Cut a small round wheel of paper about two to 3 cm. Put glue on the paper remembering that we must take care of the surface on which we are working. On the paper we must paste the pens and wait for it to dry.


Step 2: Put glue on the acrylic half pearl, and stick it on the feathers already glued to the round paper. Let dry.


Step 3: With a thin wire take glue and put it on the edge of the pearl on top of the edge, to do this, we must use precision tweezers, so as not to stain the feathers with glue. And put two turns of chain. Check that everything is clean and well placed.

let dry.


Step 4: Turn the piece over, cut two 5 cm chain strips per piece. It is to hang the piece and glue the two ends of one of the strips to a piece, with resistant glue and let dry.


Step 5: Put more glue on top of the chain that is glued to the paper wheel of the piece that we turned over previously so that the strip does not slip.


Step 6: Cut and make a felt wheel larger than the paper wheel that we previously glued to the back of the earring.


We must put glue on the felt wheel and put it above the chain attached to the round paper on the back of the earring. That is, above the two. The front part is the one with the pearl.

Let dry.


Repeat the same process on the two earring pieces.


So it is ready to put it on a hook or buckle bought with a hook that we must open with tweezers.


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